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considered a domestic terrorist. he is suspected of killing three people as a result of his dismissal from the force three years ago. >> police boringing this case are under a lot of tension. that's why they say they mistakenly opened fire on two innocent women this thursday. the 71-year-old woman and her daughter were delivering newspapers in the torrance area. they were reportedly driving slowly, stopping and starting. and officers nearby misinterpreted what was going. on seven officers blasted 20 to 30 rounds into the woman's truck and neighboring homes and cars as well. authorities met with the women this weekend to apologize and to promise them a new truck. but their lawyer says a new vehicle won't necessarily prevent a lawsuit. >> the color didn't match. the model didn't match. the make didn't match. they're looking for a large he black man. these are two older hispanic petite women. >> six officers have been placed on routine ad mrptive leave as
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well. >> we're bringing you the search for dorner on air and online. search manhunt. san francisco police are also searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting overnight. police say they responded to calls of shots being fired in the alamo square neighborhood near the intersection of hayes and webster streets just after 2:00 this morning. police say when the officers arrived, they found a weigh the-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. he died at the scene. police are asking anyone with information to call the san francisco police department. we have an update on the woman cyclist who was kill yesterday in front of at&t park. diane sullivan was hit by a cement truck on king street. preliminary reports are that she was riding her bike curbside and became entangled in the truck. both were heading westbound. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. the accident is still under investigation. this just in. san jose firefighters have freed a person trapped near mark
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hamilton. two dozen firefighters respond to the accident which happened about 2:00 this afternoon. one of the two people in the car was able to get out without help. the other was stuck because the vehicle was in a difficult place to reach. the rescue took crews an hour and a half. >> people throughout the bay area are celebrating the lunar new year today. fireworks and music welcomed the year of the snake in san francisco's chinatown. chinatown was mobbed as shoppers get ready for large traditional meals and celebrations that will last for the next few weeks. new years day is set aside for family. the following days are for family and friends. coming up next at 5:00, the clean-up after that massive storm in the northeast has begun. crews are racing to restore power for hundreds of thousands of people tonight. we'll have the very latest. >> the state of the union address just days away. we'll give you an early look at a few of the topics president obama is expected to cover.
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>> they make me like a hero and i'm not a hero. >> coming up, a story that will make you bay area proud. one woman uses her personal tragedy to fulfill a lifelong dream. we're enjoying a sunny finish. still seeing some temperatures close to 60 degrees. tonight we will see some patchy frost. will the seven-day forecast show any signs of rain or sierra snow? we'll take a close look at that.
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. hundreds of people are meeting to discuss the city's crime problem. nbc bay's monty francis live with the story. monty? >> reporter: good evening. there is standing room only inside this theater behind me. the meeting was supposed to end at 5:00 but it is still going on now. bill bratton is not here but the man esteeming up with to review the oakland police department, rob wasserman is inside speaking. wasserman is the cheryl of the strategic policy partnership is he has a $100,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the violence and prevention strategies. at this meeting he said he would help develop a living action plan and vowed at the end of the process, oakland would be a
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different city. he also called oakland one of the most complex policing environments in the u.s. >> the police can make a difference if they are focused and they're passionate and they're out there on the streets. if they have a presence. >> reporter: the homicide rate in oakland reached a six-year crime and violence jumped 23%. burglaries were up even more than that. and wasserman was telling the people about the broken windows theory which is a way of focusing on minor crime as a way of prevery muching major crimes. the audience is listening intently. we hope to get some reaction when the meeting ends in a little while. nbc bay area news. thank you. people in the northeast are digging out after that massive blizzard and others are finally getting where they need to go by plane and train after days and days. >> reporter: they're the sounds of a chilly clean-up echoed all
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across new england. >> a lot of work. >> reporter: work that is stretching into a second day as road crews fan out across the region. at its height, the blizzard dumps more than three feet of snow in some areas. today a caravan of plows are working to clear the roads. from new york to massachusetts. >> we're working very hard to make sure that the t is fully functional by the morning commute. >> reporter: power crews are out in force, too, working to restore electricity to the more than 200,000 facing another dark night. >> utilities seem to be progress and have some forecasts they have made for restoring power by the end of day and in some cases, into tomorrow. >> reporter: hope, too, that airports will be up and running again at full capacity soon. connecticut's bradley airport remains closed but flights have resume at new york's laguardia and boston's logan airport. and at the city's south station transportation center --
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>> we've been trying on get on planes, trains and automobiles. >> reporter: amtrak is slowly getting back on track. and even with the inconveniences -- >> the snow has been great. the kids have been playing in the backyard and on the streets. it has been super. >> reporter: a lot of new englanders hope after this wallop from mother nature, it is all downhill from here. nbc news. president obama's fourth state of the union address is expected to cover a the love ground. jobs, the economy and the middle class will reportedly be the president's main focus tuesday night. he is also expected to set the stage for a spending showdown with republicans that is ticking down to a march 1st deadline. that's when automatic cuts would happen if there's no agreement. >> we would rather ask more from the vast majority of americans and put our recovery at risk than close even a single tax loophole that benefits the wealthy. >> these indiscriminate reductions do not make sense and we'll hurt a lot of people and it is up to the president to act now. >> after his speech, the
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president will be taking his case to the people. visiting asheville, north carolina, atlanta and chicago. the president's address will be followed by two responses from republicans. marco rubio and rand paul. still ahead, a story about a bay area woman who followed her heart. >> how the death of her husband prompted her to rescue their favorite cafe.
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some folks in the silicon valley are anxiously awaiting results of a test flight of boeing's 787 dream liner. these are expected to connect san jose and tokyo and the same one is having problem with the lith-on ion batteries. the same ones used in cell phones. one caught fire after a flight to boston. until the 787s are flying again, the airport is out more than $200,000 a day in lost revenues. yesterday's 1,100 mile test flight in and out of seattle was the first time the faa has allowed any 787 to fly since the grounding of the fleet last month. the test flight appears to have been a success. most financial experts out there will tell to you make business decisions with your head, not your heart. we're introducing to you one woman in the south bay who chose not to follow that advice and made a lot of people including heavy very happy. >> it's the continuation of an institution. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has tonight's "bay area proud."
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>> when your business runs on a steady diet of ham and eggs, regular customers, are your bread and butter and at bobby's coffee shop in cupertino, there is been no more regular, regular than janet dancer. >> just about every day. >> just about every day for 25 years. janet and her husband bill slid into their favorite corner booth at bobbies. every day until bill passed away five years ago. >> reporter: janet didn't stop coming though. the place had become too big a part of her life to stay away. >> it was tough the first couple of times i came by myself. but everybody made me welcome. i used to see him come in with his old cars. >> reporter: janet even started helping out around the place, filling coffee cups, cleaning up, but that came to an end when bobby's was shut down last summer. not just janet but a lot of
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regulars had lost their favorite place to eat and a place of cupertino history was about to disappear unless a new owner stepped in. and one did. >> i want to welcome you. >> reporter: janet. >> and i hope everything is well for you. >> reporter: it was an idea she and her son bill came up with. >> i said you want a business? >> and i said yes. then i said, oh, my, what did i do? >> reporter: well, what we can tell you is that s what she hasn't done. >> people, cupertino has really been great. >> reporter: changed a thing. not the men, you're not the prices, not the staff, and certainly not that corner booth. >> every time i look at the booth i get my husband's there. you know. we opened two weeks ago. >> reporter: janet, it turns out, has always wanted to own her business but her late husband never felt timing was right. maybe after all, it wasn't that the time was not right. it was the place.
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>> i don't think that any other business would have worked. >> it was meant to be. >> yes, i think so. i really think so. yeah. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> great story of. >> i love that corner booth thing. that's so sweet. >> it was theirs. meteorologist rob mayeda is here now to talk about the nice so warm days and not so warm evenings. >> as soon as the sun sets, our temperature will cool quickly. we saw many places in the low 30s. i think we'll see that again in our wind protected valleys. right now still pretty nice outside. 56 degrees in san jose. close to 60 in fairfield in sabt rosea and sunnyvale. again we'll see the temperatures to that. bottoming out in the 30s. winds a little gusty out there. especially in the hill tops. the winds staying up overnight for the hills, if you're in the foothill locations, you may see lows in the 40s. the winds keeping the temperatures up in the higher elevations. rainfall totals to date. a very dry start to the year but
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thanks to the tenth wettest december, followed by the third driest january, we're running pretty close to average. as the weather continues to dry out, we'll have to watch these totals very closely. compared to last year we're ahead of where we were last year. it was one of the most dry years on record. here's the story for the sierra. now we're about 80 to 74% of average. still well ahead of last year. the skiing is still nice in the sierra about it would be nice to get more rain and snow. unfortunately the forecast doesn't have any of that coming our way. the satellite views, you noticed if you were outside, a few high clouds going by. the pattern that is setting up in the pacific is one that does not look like we'll see any chance for rain. as we look at two jet streams typically this time of year, the polar jet which dives to the south. that's the main transport for storms coming out of gulf of alaska. sometimes the sub tropical jet will come out of the south and steer storms into the central
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coast. right now this pattern is split around the west coast. and this system here, notice it is not going anywhere as long as the high is to the east. the blocking pattern will keep us dry and you'll notice wednesday, thursday, friday, the temperatures will climb as we head toward next weekend. into tomorrow morning you'll see some high clouds going by. notice absence of low clouds with the north winds to at the time offshore winds. not much in the way of fog. in and around the north bay. but mostly cloud-free during the day. it will be a repeat performance of what we saw. 30s to start. followed by upper 50s and low 60s heading into the afternoon. morning temperature again chilly. cold enough maybe for some patchy frost. the air is quite dry though so you might not have enough moisture. 30s to 40s most places in the morning. near 60 in san jose. the warmest part of the week
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coming up for the second half of the workweek. 64 in pleasanton. you can see as we get to santa rosa and sflan, upper 50s and low 60s. the pattern is repeating as we start the workweek. notice the numbers. not just for the inland spots but the coast. wednesday, thursday and friday. we're still expecting at least a couple days. thursday into friday. some 70s possible around morgan hill. let's say pleasanton as well. heading toward next week. one out of three computer models tries to bring in showers. right now we'll call for cooling, more clouds. not much in the way of rain or snow. especially considering the time of year. >> trying to bring in some rain. >> trying very hard. >> and going to do it? >> i hope so. >> i put you on the spot. >> could you take care of that for us? isn't that part of your job? >> that's what this thing is supposed to do. >> thanks, rob. let's bring in mindi with a
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look at sports. >> a beautiful weekend at pebble beach. and jim harbaugh the 49ers head coach was having plenty of it as well. when it is all said and done, a cal graduate and current alameda resident found himself in contention sunday. we'll have highlights in the final round.
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you couldn't have asked for a better day for today's final round at pebble beach. this is what the monterey peninsula is known for. you look at a gorgeous day. the final round of the pro am. and brandt thought it was a pretty great day, too. he entered the day and got off
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to a great start. second hole. this is his second shot. he would eagle and take possession. this is for birdie. just 17 under par. start to distance himself from the field. the only player to really have a chance to catch snedker. he connects. he had a final round, 66, and finished in second place. it was the alameda resident james hahn starting the day one shot back on 16 for birdie. he was never much of a factor after that. this is jim harbaugh playing. that's for birdie. not a bad day all in all for the 49ers head coach. the 18 hole. toby, this is a chance to win
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the pro am. the team would share the pro am title. then snedeker on 18. this is the par putt. he sinks it. his first win of the season. his wife mannedi along with his wife gives out a great start for 2013. >> it's a huge relief. i guess i got lucky that tiger woods and phil miguelson were not there today. a beautiful day like this at pebble beach. to play in great condition like. this playing with a good friend of mine to be able to win this is really special. >> and the cal men's basketball team is on the road taking on seventh ranked arizona. cal currently up 3 points almost halfway through. this is a big deal. this is the second top ten ranked team they've faced in the last three games and they have lost their last three to arizona. they would certainly like to get away from the desert with the win. so go bears. >> go baerd is right.
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>> i couldn't agree more. thank you. >> we went there. >> when we return we'll show you a celebration for children with special hearts.
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every day is a heart day for children who receive life saving congenital heart surgery. >> so the children's hospital throws them a special valentine's party. many of the families and the children gathered to celebrate life. it is a reunion with a common and intense bond. >> we've had three things, he had three things wrong with his heart. basically what they did was they repaired a hole in that big muscle of his heart. and then they took the right
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ventricle, opened it up and repaired that right ventricle. >> poor little guy. he looks like he is doing well. this was the 13th annual awareness day/valentine's day party. >> one more check on this forecast we've got. >> what have we got? valentine's day coming up? and president's day following that? >> it will be a winter coat. in the 30s for many of the valleys. upper 60s tomorrow. tomorrow into tuesday. here come the change. seven day forecast wednesday, thursday, friday. that's when you're starting to see the warming as high pressure builds in. one of the wettest times of the year. maybe the north bay, too. then next weekend, a few extra clouds. with that high pressure as strong as it is, the system coming in for the weekend. probably putting a dent in it.
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tossing some clouds and some cooling our way. no signs of rain. coming up, we'll tell you how dry the bay area is. possibly the driest start to any year on record. for any of the cities around the bay area. a pretty interesting statistic. we'll share that coming up. >> good news is at least the water from december filled up the reservoir. >> true. right now it is looking really dry. it is good that we got that rain in december. >> thank you for watching. on this sunday night, the man hunts intensifies for a former los angeles police officer suspected in the revenge killings of three people. tonight, authorities offer a $1 million reward for information leading to christopher dorner's capture. as a city and region remain on edge. the blizzard of 2013. the northeast breaks out from a
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deadly record-breaking storm, but hundreds of thousands are still without power. and for some, a state of emergency will last for days. the outbreak of a dangerous and potentially fatal infectious disease. why whooping cough is back and how to protect your family against it. and the show must go on for a top dog whose owners suffered in hurricane sandy. tonight as he prepares to compete, how chauncey became a symbol of hope. good evening. tonight authorities in los angeles are raising the stakes in the hunt for a former los angeles policeman wanted in three murders, announcing a huge reward leading to his arrest. the killings began a week ago today when two people were gunned down in a parking lot.

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